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Welcome to the largest and

most comprehensive

Transcription Directory

in Australia.


Personal contact has been made with every member listed in this directory.  The identity of each member has been verified and is operating as self-employed, unless otherwise specified.  

The rating given to each member shows the member has undergone a variety of transcription tests of audio files and has typed into fields with no spell check, with a focus on grammar, spelling and accuracy.   Each applicant has provided details of relevant work experience including references, and each reference has been personally contacted.  Each test has been analysed by the same person and each applicant has been rated according to these test results and work experience details provided.

Our tests do not cover time management skills, reliability or ability to meet deadlines.  Information from references and work experience may validate some of these softer skills and may reflect in a member’s rating. 

If no rating is shown, this means the member has decided to not undertake the tests, or has simply not yet undertaken the tests.

If a member is not providing the quality expected according to the rating and details provided, please contact us immediately to discuss your concerns.


Medical Transcriptionists
7 advanced 1 beginner
Legal Transcriptionists
3 advanced 2 intermediate 1 beginner
General Transcriptionists
4 advanced 3 intermediate 2 beginner

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