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Thank you for your support so far!

by | Sep 6, 2021

The Transcription Directory started from nothing but an idea about 18 months ago.  Transcriptionists were contacting me asking me for work and wanting to know how to find clients.  My clients were asking me how to find transcriptionists.  I ran the idea by a couple of ladies who were also clients at the time, who agreed it was brilliant, and that they too had had a similar idea but not the time to create such a thing.  I sat on it for a good six months before taking the first steps, and now here we are!

The goal was for everyone to benefit.  I wanted to connect transcriptionists of all specialities looking for work with clients looking for transcriptionists, though I had in mind specifically transcriptionists who were just starting out.  I remember when I first started and I had no idea what equipment I needed or where to find work.  I think for me it was timing as I managed to find the right clients who were willing to be mentors at the same time.  What I wanted at the time was a course to teach me everything I needed to know.  Sadly for me, nothing relevant to Australia really existed at that time, but since then, TranscribeRight has been created.

TranscribeRight is a comprehensive course written by experienced, Australian-based transcribers and business owners Claire Hone and Sonya Rawlings.  You can access this course here at TranscribeRight.  This course is very comprehensive and covers many aspects including the industry as a whole, how to get work, bookkeeping, marketing and all sorts of other helpful information.  There are hours and hours of practice audio included.  Currently the course is 50% off!

Would you like to benefit too?  20% for you!
For the rest of this year, if you refer another transcriptionist who registers and becomes a premium member, you can receive 20% of that member’s membership fee.  For this month, the membership fee is $100, so that is $20 for you.  All you have to do is refer and then invoice The Transcription Directory once your referee has become a member.

Only $100 membership for this month only
Until midnight, 30th of September, it is only $100 to become a transcriptionist member, so that’s a 33% discount on the full membership cost.   Enter TTD100 into the coupon code field at checkout to receive the discount.

Clients seeking transcriptionists
Are you looking for a transcriptionist, or maybe you would like a steady stream of applicants?  Register here at no charge Client Application and specify your needs.  Once you have been approved, you can view the profiles of our transcriptionist members.  If we don’t have a transcriptionist member to suit your needs, we will advertise for one through various social media methods to find you what you need.

Do you have a transcription related question?
Instead of reinventing the wheel, The Transcription Directory is using a pre-existing Facebook group called Transcription Central as a forum for members and clients to ask questions relating to transcription.  Please know this is not a place for advertising or seeking work.  Transcription Central is simply an online forum to help answer your questions and send you in the right direction.  

Social Media
Like The Transcription Directory on Facebook or follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date with the latest offerings from our members and vacancies from our clients.  We also offer discounts and special deals from our suppliers from time to time.

Advertising and Promotion Opportunities For You
Would you like to be featured in our newsletter just like TranscribeRight, or maybe you would like to be featured on our Advertiser Directory?   Maybe funds are tight but you still need some exposure and would like to submit a news article or blog from your website?  Contact us to discuss your needs.  We can advertise for you to your budget.

Please feel free to contact us with your suggestions, insights, questions, feedback.  Once again, I thank you for your support.

Jo Collins
The Transcription Directory