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October News

by | Oct 11, 2021

The Transcription Directory has proven to be a success as members are joining and clients are using the services.  I receive questions from prospective members and clients daily and the demand for the platform was certainly there, and still is.  I very much look forward to being able to provide the services each member needs as we grow.

There is a grammatical error in this newsletter.  Can you find it?

Available positions and members
We have transcriptionist members of varying levels listed in the Transcriber Directory.  Some are very new to the transcription industry whilst some are only new to general transcription but rather experienced in medical or legal, but willing to give general transcription a try.  Similarly, we have clients in the Client Directory seeking a range of general, medical and legal transcriptionists, some willing to take on beginners.  An executive minute taker is still being sought.  Please ensure you are logged in if you wish to view the details of our members.

As we are starting off slowly, I have been successful in my plan to maintain personal contact with all members.  Recently I sent out an email to all members, clients and transcribers, asking for feedback and enquiring as to their success with The Transcription Directory to date.  Points that were highlighted to me have included:

  • Some transcribers joined, and capacity or personal circumstances may have changed since joining, and of course, this can also happen with clients. 
  • Some clients are contacting transcribers whose profiles may not necessarily match clients’ requirements, but have been willing to train transcribers due to current demand.
  • An assessment of suitability may not result in success for one or both of the parties.  This assessment is necessary to determine the working relationship and whether it not it can work.  Please put this down to experience and use it as a learning.  These experiences are not to be taken personally.  Please feel free to contact me if I can help.
  • One transcriptionist commended TTD as being able to assist self-employed transcriptionists maintain a variety of clients to meet the criteria of the ATO for self-employment versus employment and avoiding cancellation of ABNs, as highlighted in this article.  

Please don’t wait to be asked for feedback if you have something to say.  The website has become quite fluid, with many changes and improvements being made based on feedback received.  

Question of the Month
Can you please provide more detail with the types of tests you offer members to complete and where you have sourced these?
I created the test myself as I wasn’t happy with what was out there.  There is a correct/incorrect section to choose whether or not 10 questions are correct or incorrect.  I use a commonly confused word in each sentence.   Then there is a paragraph of text including a number of  commonly-confused words which are incorrect, and the member is required to list the words which are incorrect and then list the correct words.  Then I have 10 audio pieces for the member to transcribe.  These are some conversations I’ve recorded myself, along with some audio from Kerwin Rae’s podcasts, with permission, and some voice messages I’ve been sent.  These tests are to determine whether or not the member is a beginner, intermediate or advanced, which is assessed along with other information provided by the member, and also in consultation with the member.  Feedback received regarding the test is that it is representative of the type of work a transcriptionist would do, or what they would expect in a test.  There are no tricks and at this stage, it’s not timed.

Would you like to benefit too?  20% for you!
Remember that for the rest of this year, if you refer another transcriptionist who registers and becomes a premium member, you can receive 20% of that member’s membership fee.  I have extended the offer of the $100 annual membership until the end of October, so that is $20 for you.  All you have to do is refer and then invoice The Transcription Directory once the person you have referred has become a member.  You can verify the member has registered by regularly checking the members list on the Transcriber Directory page or sending me an email asking me to let you know when the member has registered.

Only $100 annual membership 
As mentioned above, it is still only $100 to become a transcriptionist member, so that’s a 33% discount on the full membership cost.   Enter TTD100 into the coupon code field at checkout to receive the discount until the 31st of October 2021.

Do you have a transcription related question?
Instead of reinventing the wheel, The Transcription Directory is using a pre-existing Facebook group called Transcription Central as an online forum for members and clients to ask questions relating to transcription.  Please know this is not a place for advertising or seeking work but more of a platform to help answer your questions and send you in the right direction, so feel free to make use of this.  If you would prefer not to use such a group, please contact me.  If I don’t know the answer, I will ask on your behalf.

Social Media
Like The Transcription Directory on Facebook or follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date with the latest offerings from our members and vacancies from our clients.  We also offer discounts and special deals from our suppliers from time to time.

Advertising and Promotion Opportunities For You
Would you like to be featured in our newsletter or Advertiser Directory?   Maybe funds are tight but you still need some exposure and would like to submit a news article or blog from your website?  Contact us to discuss your needs.  We can advertise for you to your budget and we are happy to share transcription-related blogs and news articles at no charge.

Please feel free to contact us with your suggestions, insights, questions, feedback.  Once again, I thank you for your support.

Jo Collins
The Transcription Directory