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Do you want to be a transcriber?

Or you are already a transcriber and looking to further your skills, find new clients or access resources?

This website has been designed with you in mind, no matter what stage you are in your career: just starting out, had some experience, or been cruising in the industry for years.

Below is some information on the benefits of becoming a member.  If you cannot find the answer you seek, please check out our FAQs page or contact us and we will get back to you. 

 For the purposes of this website, please consider the words “transcriptionist“, “typist“, “transcriber” and even “proofreader” or “editor” at times to be interchangeable and to represent a category of people with particular sets of skills who are seeking a procurer, or a client, person, business or company to purchase required services.

Why become a member?

  • Showcase yourself on the most comprehensive and largest transcription directory in Australia 
  • Access to clients and transcription companies previously unavailable to you, with new clients joining continuously
  • Direct client contact; clients can view your listing and can contact you directly
  • You can see at a glance which clients are hiring typists with your skillsets
  • Exclusive and immediate notification of client requests and current vacancies
  • The latest news, blogs, handy tips and information from our bloggers, newswriters, guest writers and industry experts
  • Discounts on offer from advertisers of transcription-related resources, and for events, conferences and opportunities for other memberships
  • Automatic entry into some of our competitions and invitation into others
  • Have your questions answered by industry professionals
  • Opportunities for you to submit blogs and news articles on this website
  • Access to The Transcription Directory Facebook group and LinkedIn group
  • Advertising and promotion; The Transcription Directory is promoted on online platforms, search engines, business directories, interviews, podcasts, blogs, news articles and through activities of individual members.  The more exposure, the more members, the more work becomes available, more collaboration, more knowledge, everyone wins!

    … and so much more.  Check out our FAQs to see more benefits of membership.

    How it Works

    Get yourself noticed on the only Transcription Directory in Australia, collaborate with others, and everybody wins!

    Step 1

    Read through the frequently asked questions on the FAQs page, the information on this page and the information on our T&Cs and Privacy Policy pages to ensure you are savvy with how everything works.

    Step 2

    Complete the Transcriber Application Form, make your payment and complete the online transcription tests.  You will then be contacted within 24 hours with your results and your rating.

    Step 3

    View your listing on the The Transcriber Directory, and submit any changes if required.  This step is very important to ensure you are visible to those clients looking for a transcriber with your level or your specific skill.

    "I have been a medical transcriptionist for over 20 years now, employed by others, but reliant on being employed. When circumstances changed for me, I explored the possibility of working for myself and was super impressed by what Jo has created with The Transcription Directory. A one stop directory for those seeking work and those needing expertise. I highly recommend registering with The Transcription Directory as a transcriptionist."

    ~ Tania

    I was lucky enough to secure work with a client through The Transcription Directory. We’ve been working together since October last year and have clicked really well, so I’m very happy. At the end of the day, I was lucky to fall into the perfect position thanks to your site!


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