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Do you provide services or products useful to those in the transcription industry?


  • It is so often hard to choose the right office equipment when starting out, such as ergonomic chairs for 12 hours plus of sitting and stand up desks, as examples, or the right computer hardware and software.  Do you provide foot pedals, headsets, ergonomic keyboards etcetera?  
  • Are you a provider of transcription, medical transcription or legal transcription courses?  Do you offer typing courses or English courses?
  • Should transcribers have professional indemnity insurance, and why? 
  • What is it you can offer?

We offer long term and short term advertising placements.  You may want your brand visible 24-seven or you may offer products on a clearance sale or special offer.  Your advertisement is visible to any reader who lands on this website, not just to members.

Preference will be given to Australian made products but all Australian suppliers are welcome. 

Just like our transcribers, you too will be rated, but on your customer service, availability of product, quality of product and speed of dispatch.

But unlike our transcribers and clients, your advertisement will be showcased to any reader who lands on the Advertiser Directory, not just members.


For the purposes of this website, please consider the words “supplier“, “procurer“, “resource supplier” or even “affiliate” at times to be interchangeable and to all represent the advertiser, or the person or company placing transcription-related advertising on this website. 


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How it Works

Get yourself noticed on the only Transcription Directory in Australia, collaborate with others, and everybody wins!

Step 1

Read the frequently asked questions on the FAQs page, the information on this page and the information on our T&Cs and Privacy Policy pages to ensure you are savvy with how everything works.

Step 2

Visit the Advertiser Directory and choose the type of listing.  Complete the Advertiser Application form and include artwork, if applicable, and all requirements, especially for anything different to what is shown.

Step 3

We will send you an invoice and once payment is made, we will place your ad on the Advertiser Directory

Please contact us if you would like if you would like to know more.