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There have been many articles in the press recently about ageism. Many people want to take a step back from their main career, but still want to work part-time, or in a less pressured environment, without having to dip into their superannuation or pensions.




One article spoke about a lady who had dreamed of her “sea change” for years, and after months of lockdown, finally decided to chase her dream and move to Byron Bay. Unfortunately, despite only being in her mid-50s, and despite decades of experience in her field, she was unable to find any work and finally, after spending through her savings, had to move back to Victoria.

It is such a shame that more isn’t known about the transcription industry, especially post-COVID, where many people are rethinking their priorities and what they want out of their working life.

Many who have had to work at home for the last year or so have really liked the flexibility and aren’t in a rush to get back to the office…or the commute. They have enjoyed being able to plan their workday around a walk at lunchtime, preparing the evening meal so that it’s ready to go, and spend time with their pets: all reasons why transcribers love working at home.

So why isn’t our industry susceptible to ageism? Why is it forever young? Well, all transcription work is done online. No one cares what age you are, what you look like, or what you’re wearing. All transcription companies want are people who can prepare fast, accurate transcripts.

Sound appealing? If you want to find a new career, and you have a good command of English and grammar and a reasonable typing speed, it’s really worth exploring transcription as something to step into if you want to make that change. Work for us didn’t change throughout the pandemic, in fact, the transcription side of our business, Top Team Transcripts, had its best ever year in 2020.

Not sure you have the necessary skills required? No problem. Sonya and I created TranscribeRight so that anyone can learn how to transcribe. Our course takes you step by step from absolute beginner, right through to advanced skills: transcribing accents, multi-voice files and difficult audio. We show you how to set up your home office, templates, style guides, confidentiality agreements, everything you need to know.

If this sounds like something you’d like to do, why not find out more. Or why not reach out if you have any questions, we are passionate about our industry and are always happy to chat…

Claire Hone